About Us

As the owner and designer of “Bloom Creek”,  I make my home in far northern California (Redding) with my high school sweetheart and husband of 34 years.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by rivers, lakes and mountains and enjoy spending most of our free time enjoying the great outdoors.  We have been blessed with four granddaughters, who continue to inspire a series of “Blooms” quilts and fill our lives with so much joy.


Having been an avid quilter for over 20 years, I eventually became proficient enough in machine quilting to start a quilting business in 2002.  Though I loved the creativity of  the design involved in machine quilting, I still hadn’t truly discovered my passion. 


With the growing popularity of the pre-cut 5” charm square packets, I began to dabble in designing patterns for use with charm squares.  I wanted to come up with creative ways to use these squares, as I grew weary of quilting endless quilts that merely had the squares sewn together!  I was fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity to market my first few patterns and teach my designs at Sew Simple, a local quilt shop in the Redding area.   To my surprise and excitement, the response was overwhelming!  With the support of many friends and family, I seriously ventured into the business of quilt pattern design, which ultimately led to the creation of “Bloom Creek”.  Needless to say, I have truly discovered my passion and am thrilled to be able to share my designs with the quilting world.


I look forward to continuing to expand my designs and am hopeful you will enjoy them and experience endless hours of happy quilting!


Vicki Bellino